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BullEx:  The Smart Choice for Fire Safety Education

BullEx, the premier manufacturer of technologically advanced fire safety training products and services, is dedicated to utilizing smart technology to develop superior safety training products.

BullEx started with the development of the BullEx Intelligent Training System™ (I.T.S.), the first live fire extinguisher training system to utilize sophisticated sensor technology and an automatic flame response system to provide realistic, safe and effective extinguisher training.  Soon after, BullEx developed the BullsEye Extinguisher Training System - first digital response extinguisher training system that allows training to occur indoors where fires might actually occur – like a classroom, dorm, or office.

Since then, BullEx has worked with thousands of safety professionals and firefighters to continually research and develop new training systems and tools. The result is a dedication to producing the most advanced and widest array of training products manufactured to the highest quality and ideally suited for any safety program. 

At BullEx, we are dedicated to developing the most advanced, yet easy-to-use, training tools that will help you maintain safety. With our safe and cost-effective training solutions and products, your training goals and requirements are met more efficiently, saving time and expenses in your safety program.  Simply, our training systems are realistic, interactive, environmentally-friendly, easy to use and most importantly, effective.  Our advanced and continually growing line of products is designed with one concept in mind – providing Smart Tools for Real Training.

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