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2014 Forward:  In keeping with current times, we are now producing email newsletters.  

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Campus Fire Safety e-Newzone is an excellent medium to reach professionals directly responsible for campus administration, management and operation of fire and life safety programs, as well as fire & government officials from college communities.

With a direct circulation to over 16,000 college and university professionals, and a email redirect to thousands more. Campus Fire Safety e-Newzone is a great way to share information and market fire protection products and services to the Higher Education market. 

The Newsletter - It remains posted on our website, and is also posted on some of our partners websites. Some articles are archived in our library, typically with advertising intact. Thus your message will stay for years to come. The outreach and the economical cost help to make this a great promotional opportunity for those focusing on the College and University markets.

Banner Advertisements - We are now including limited banner advertising in our monthly e-Magazine transmittal letter.  This is sent electronically.  We are limited to 2 banner ads per month, and placement is on a first come/first serve basis.  You may submit a logo, or actual banner advertisement—with up to two URL’s.  Your banner ad will be seen by our mailing list of 16,000 readers - and it will also be seen by the thousands of people the newsletter is re-directed to.

Center Corporate Connections - An opportunity to showcase your product/service in a new quarterly newsletter that addresses technology.  We want to keep our members up to date on the latest products and service for the campus fire safety market.  Your message will be seen by 16,000 readers + the redirects.



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