There are a number of studies and reports that have been prepared relating to campus fire safety. These reports are available, in their entirety, through this web site. Click on the study's title to download the material. 


Fire Safety for Students With Disabilities at Institutions of Higher Education
Prepared under the Department of Homeland Security Fire Prevention and Safety Grant EMW-2007-FP-01856


USFA Report on the Fire Response to the Northern Illinois University Shooting

Connecticut Dormitory Study 
New York Governor's Task Force Report
This is the report prepared by a task force looking at the state of campus fire safety in New York
Harvard College 1999 Campus Alcohol Study  
College Administrator Survey — What is being done to curb binge drinking? 
Establishing a Relationship Between Alcohol and Casualties of Fire
USFA Study on links between fires and alcohol
Harvard School of Public Health Campus Alcohol Study 
Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention 
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 
The Chronicle on Higher Education Crime Statistics 
America Burning — Recommissioned
Download the principal findings and recommendations of this important report 
Fire Safe Student Housing — A Guide for Campus Housing Administrators
This guide, written by Dr. Frederick Mowrer, accompanies the video "Ready to Respond." Both were prepared for the US Fire Administration to help college administrators in developing a fire safety plan for their institution. The video and report can be ordered, free, from USFA's web site. 
Prepared by the US Fire Administration 
NFPA Fire Investigations Reports
Reports that include investigations of campus fires and fatalities. 
Ultimate Guide for Fire Safety
Children's guide for fire safety in Australia.  Referred to us by Shawn and his Teacher Molly Quinn.