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Frank Novak

Frank Novak is a fire service professional with over 20 years in the field.  Frank is currently the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Trainer at Sacred Heart University (SHU) in Fairfield, CT.  Frank started down the fire service path in 1998 when he joined the Long Hill Fire Department in Trumbull, CT at the age of 15 where he is still a contributing volunteer today.  Frank began working as a Public Safety Patrol Officer on the Midnight Shift at SHU in April 2009.  In March of 2013, he was transferred from the Midnight Shift to the Day Shift to focus on Fire Safety related issues at SHU.  Shortly thereafter, he became a certified Fire Marshal and was eventually promoted to the University Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Trainer and the 5th in command of the Department of Public Safety.  SHU is home to almost 10,000 students and staff and is located about 45 minutes from New York City in Fairfield County.

University Fire Marshal & EM Trainer  |  Sacred Heart University

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