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Jon Roberts

Jon Roberts has been involved in the fire, building, and life safety arena for nearly 30 years. Prior to joining UL, he served as Building Division Chief, Building/Fire Plans Examiner, Fire Protection Engineer, Fire Inspector, Fire Investigator and Firefighter.   Jon holds a Bachelors degree in Fire Protection Engineering and Safety Technology from Oklahoma State University, and has served at both the state and local levels of government throughout different areas of the country, which has helped to develop a unique perspective and a thorough understanding of life safety in the built environment.   He is a Certified Building Official and Certified Fire Marshal, holds many other national professional certifications, and serves as a member of numerous state and national fire and building organizations, including the International Code Council, the National Fire Protection Association, and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.   Jon is sincerely dedicated to the ultimate goal of working for a safer world and now continues his dedication through teaching others how they can help create a safer built environment.
Lead Regulatory Engineer  |  UL LLC

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