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Alan Sactor & William Guffey

William Guffey

Bill Guffey is the senior Deputy Fire Marshal for the University of Maryland. He has worked for the university for ten years after retiring from the District of Columbia Fire Department. He has a Bachelor’s
Degree in Fire Science and hold certifications as a Certified Fire Protection Specialist, Fire Inspector III, Fire Investigator, Plans Examiner II and Fire Service Instructor. Bill is responsible for conducting annual inspections of all buildings on campus to include over 1300 laboratories using chemicals. In addition to inspections he conducts fire investigations and provides fire protection consultations to the campus community.
Bill has served on the District of Columbia Building Code Advisory Committee, BOCA Technical Interpretations Committee and currently serves on the NFPA committees for Fire Doors and Opening Protectives (NFPA 80), Laboratories Using Chemicals (NFPA 45) and the IIC College Laboratory Workgroup.

Alan Sactor

Alan Sactor is an Assistant Director with the University of Maryland Department of Environmental Safety and the University Fire Marshal.  He is appointed as the Assistant State Fire Marshal for the University of Maryland with jurisdiction for fire prevention, fire investigations, and building construction.  His responsibilities also include emergency management.

He has over 35 years of experience in fire protection and the fire service including working as a firefighter/paramedic in the Washington D.C. area. Alan is a member of the technical committees for NFPA 1037, Professional Qualifications for Fire Marshal and NFPA 3&4, Commissioning and Integrated Testing of Fire and Life Safety Systems.  He also serves on the APPA Standards and Codes Council.

He was a participant and presenter at the first USFA/NFPA Forum on Campus Fire Safety and the first National Summit on Campus Fire Safety.  Alan is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist and holds a Master of Science in Environmental Management. He has been with the University of Maryland since 1985.




William (Bill) Guffey

Fire Marshal and Senior Deputy Fire Marshal  |  University of Maryland

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