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Do you want to hold an event in your State or Region?  Simply contact us for details.

We can be instrumental in helping to provide a Campus Fire Safety speaker for your event.  We are also willing to help with the promotion of your event and the admin involved with registration.

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Events on My Campus

What's Happening Around Campus? Post your event!  Share Project Info! 

Are you organizing a Fire and Life Safety Event?  Working on a Large Construction Project on Campus?  Did you find a new technology that solves a common problem?
Share your info with others online!   

Members from other schools or fire departments may be interested in learning what you are doing.  They may offer advice, or may want to see how they can visit you to learn more.  Industry members may have an idea for your construction project, or your associate from another part of the country may have a solution to a problem.  Share the knowledge and mingle online with other members.

We'll review and post your information.  



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There are currently no upcoming events.

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