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The cost of this course is only $4.95 per student and well worth the investment!

  •  Immediate access for college/university students
  •  Interactive scenarios that keep learners engaged
  •  Official certificate of completion emailed and downloadable
  •  Group discount available
  •  Only $4.95

A valuable course for Students to take!


New Online Course for Campus Fire Safety

AliveTek, Inc. and The Center for Campus Fire Safety have partnered to present a new online Campus Fire Safety course for college students. 

“Be Fire Smart! College Student Edition” is a 30-minute interactive course intended to spread the fire and life safety message to students worldwide.

“We were inspired to develop an online course for students after we watched the premier of the “After the Fire” documentary at the Campus Fire Forum in Orlando, FL. Meeting Shawn and Alvaro (Seton Hall burn survivors) and hearing their story, helped us to maintain the student perspective.” Sandy Mills-Alford, AliveTek CEO.

“Unfortunately, some students do not realize how quickly a fire can occur, and most have not received fire safety education since elementary school. We hope that students will realize they are not invincible, that fires do happen in campus-related settings and that students should take steps to protect themselves no matter where they live.” said Michael J. Swain, President of The Center for Campus Fire Safety.

Engaging scenarios, interactive challenges and real-life stories guide students through the online curriculum, including what to do in a fire emergency and how to prevent fires in both on- and off-campus housing. Along with fire emergency and prevention best practices, students are provided with resources to implement right away to create a safer college residence.

·       Immediate access for college/university students

·       Interactive scenarios that keep learners engaged

·       Official certificate of completion emailed and downloadable

·       Group discount available

For more information about the course, visit https://prevent.zone/fire-safety/


About AliveTek, Inc.

AliveTek, Inc. provides custom eLearning solutions to universities and non-profit associations.  The company is known for its innovative designs, consultative approach and personalized service offerings. AliveTek consists of eLearning specialists who are dedicated to building and supporting online education that engages today’s multi-dimensional learners. Prevent.Zone is a suite of courses, by AliveTek, designed to educate college students on current safety issues.

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