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What is CFSM?

What is Campus Fire Safety Month?

It is a nationwide effort to raise fire and life safety awareness on campus. September is designated as“Campus Fire Safety Month.”
 Unfortunately, some students do not realize how quickly a fire can occur, and most have not received fire safety education since elementary school.

We hope through Campus Fire Safety Month that students will realize they are not invincible, that fires do happen in campus-related settings and that students should take steps to protect themselves no matter where they live.”

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Student Contest

"What Kind of Cook are you in the Kitchen"

“With more access to kitchens, students are making more meals or snacks using stoves and ovens, often for the first time and without proper training,” said Lorraine Carli, vice president of Outreach and Advocacy for NFPA. “The campaign encourages students living on- and off-campus to know the risks and the preventative actions that can save their lives.”

According to Michael J. Swain, president of The Center for Campus Fire Safety, encouraging students to share this information with their peers will send a strong fire safety message that will be remembered going forward. “With the beginning of the school year,” he says, “The Center continues its mission to make campuses and off-campus housing safer for students".

 QUIZ Flyer (8.5 X 11) | QUIZ Poster (24 X 36)

CFSM Network
What is the CFSM Network?

The CFSM Network is a network of CCFS Sponsors, members, and affiliates that are dedicated to sharing information to improve fire and life safety on Campus. While the CFSM Network participates in Campus Fire Safety Month Awareness in September ... the group shares information all year long to help make a difference.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst Speaks About Campus Fire Safety

Michael J. Swain, President of The Center for Campus Fire Safety and Campus Fire Safety Officer of University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Do you want to hold an event in your State or Region?  Simply contact us for details.

We can be instrumental in helping to provide a Campus Fire Safety speaker for your event.  We are also willing to help with the promotion of your event and the admin involved with registration.

CFSM Tools

Tools to help you with Campus Fire Safety Month 

Some of these can be modified to include your school logo.  Simply contact SupportTeam@campusfiresafety.org and let us know which ones you want customized.  Please understand - we can only customize materials that were produced by our organization.

More?  Visit our Library and look for Tools