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Student Membership
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Student Membership

Regular Membership #000021

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Choose this membership if
You are a full time student enrolled at least half-time in  an accredited institute of higher education as recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to grant degrees. You are interested in the goals and objectives of The Center and shall not otherwise be eligible for Regular membership. Student members shall have all the benefits of Regular membership, except they are not eligible to hold the office of President, Vice-President or Secretary/Treasurer.   Once you graduate you will no longer be able to maintain this membership, but will be able to apply for one of our other membership categories (Regular, Associate or Affiliate Membership).

Student members, shall be entitled to hold elective office, serve on the board of directors and vote on all matters requiring a vote of the general membership. This is a great opportunity and experience for students studying fire sciences, arson investigation and more.