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Johnson Controls (Tyco SimplexGrinnell)



Johnson Controls (Tyco SimplexGrinnell) is a longtime leader in life safety and property protection. Our roots in fire protection are extraordinarily strong and deep, reaching all the way back to the late 1800s. Today we serve over one million customers in the United States and Canada, providing a comprehensive array of fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, integrated security, sound and communications, and nurse call systems and services. We deliver our industry-leading solutions in buildings and environments where life-safety protection is absolutely vital – from schools, universities and hospitals to commercial properties, industrial buildings and government facilities. Unlike manufacturers who rely on independent dealers, we serve customers directly, through a network of 150 company-owned offices. In everything we do, we strive to keep people and property safe.

Simplex® 4100ES Fire Alarm System ... Internet-ready platform can simplify installation, improve serviceability and lower life-cycle cost

Simplex 4100ES (eServices) Fire Alarm System – a next-generation, Internet-ready life-safety platform featuring advanced technology that can improve serviceability and operational efficiency while reducing costs over the life of the system.

Developed with extensive voice-of-the-customer input, the 4100ES system has been built with the needs of engineers, contractors, facility managers and building owners in mind. The new system provides added processing power, simpler installation, and ground-breaking serviceability features that include remote service diagnostics, remote program downloads over a customer’s IT network, and mass storage of vital system data right within the 4100ES panel.

“The Simplex 4100ES Fire Alarm System continues our proud tradition of technology leadership and innovation, delivering revolutionary advancements to improve serviceability, enhance operational efficiency, and lower life-cycle costs,” said John Haynes, Director of Fire Alarm Marketing.  “Combining the new technology features with our ongoing commitment to forward/backward compatibility, the 4100ES can meet a wide range of life safety and property protection needs – today, tomorrow and into the future.”

The key capabilities of the Simplex 4100ES system include the following:

•TrueInsightSM Remote Service:  The 4100ES system supports TrueInsight Remote Service, the web-based technology that can revolutionize the way fire alarm service is delivered. With TrueInsight, SimplexGrinnell can remotely diagnose Simplex fire alarm systems, proactively determine the best course of action, and facilitate a first-time fix should an on-site service visit be necessary.

•Install Mode:  The 4100ES system’s install mode can make installation easier and upgrades less disruptive to customers by streamlining the handling of construction-related trouble alerts.

•Remote Downloads: With the remote download feature, SimplexGrinnell technicians can quickly download programs to an entire network of panels from a single location – right over a customer’s IT network.

•Mass Storage: The new mass storage device enables facility managers to store and archive operating programs, test results, and other vital system data within the 4100ES panel. Improper removal or failure of the mass storage device prompts the system to issue an immediate alert.

•Forward/Backward Compatibility: The 4100ES is designed with forward/backward compatibility to help protect customers’ investments in Simplex fire and life-safety systems. SimplexGrinnell can easily and economically upgrade customers to the new 4100ES technology platform – leveraging existing infrastructure and minimizing disruption to building operations.