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Pioneering Technology


Pioneering Technology help prevent cooking fires, protect people and property and save money! There is only one SMART choice to stop cooking fires before they start.

Cooking fire prevention is more effective than fire suppression or fire detection products. SMART products help prevent the fire from happening in the first place. Suppression or detection products react to fires after they have happened. Prevention helps avoid the high costs associated with building evacuations, nuisance alarms, smoke damage and even water damage. SMART technology helps save lives and money by protecting people and property.

Our products are hard at work every day on stoves/ranges and microwaves across North America. Ideal for homes, apartments, senior residences, public housing authorities, colleges and universities, institutions and extended stay hotels. Visit our website.


“Cooking has long been the leading cause of home structure fires and home fire injuries, as well as one of the leading causes of home fire deaths.” *Source: NFPA


Every year, cooking fires cause more than $1 billion in direct property damage*. Add in lost rent costs, restoration expenses and reputation loss, and cooking fires are a major problem for houses and multi-family apartment buildings everywhere.


Supported by national fire service leaders, installed in hundreds of thousands of private and institutional kitchens, Pioneering’s SMART cooking fire prevention solutions provide:

    Outstanding ROI.

    Dramatically fewer alarms, nuisance calls, insurance claims and building repairs.

    Significant energy savings.

Electric Coil Solutions 


This easy to install replacement for electric coil burners features our patented temperature limiting control (TLC) technology™ which helps prevent the burner from reaching the temperature at which most common cooking oils auto ignite. This technology has been installed in more than 300,000 homes and apartments without a single cooking fire being reported.

    Helps prevent stove-top cooking fires.

    Delivers a better cooking experience.

    Easy to clean.

    Saves energy and money.

    Exceeds the new UL 858 60A standard for cooking oil ignition on electric coil stoves.

Learn more here.


The original electric coil element replacement with temperature limiting control (TLC)

technology that helps prevent cooking fires from starting in the first place. This product requires professional installation as it is hard-wired into the stove to prevent product tampering or removal.

    Helps prevent stove-top cooking fires.

    Easy to clean.

    Durable cast-iron design.

    Proven energy savings.

    Exceeds the new UL 858 60A standard for cooking oil ignition on electric coil stoves.

Learn more here.

Microwave Solutions


Our popular Safe T Sensor™ has been re-engineered and re-designed! SmartMicro still provides the same cooking fire safety benefits for microwave ovens with improved technology and a new look. Proven highly effective for colleges/universities, hospitals, seniors’ residences, corporate offices, hotels, or anywhere else microwave ovens are used.

    Helps prevent nuisance alarms and microwave fires.

    Reduces smoke alarm activations, unnecessary fire service runs

and building evacuations.

    Simple plug-in solution.

    Shuts off power to the microwave as soon as smoke is detected.

    More responsive sensor.

Learn more here.

Glass Top Solutions


The ideal cooking fire safety solution for glass top and electric ranges. SmartRange monitors changes in the range’s cooking temperature. If it detects a cooking fire risk, it will signal a pre-alarm. If the pre-alarm is left unattended, SmartRange will automatically shut off the range. This product has been used effectively in Europe for years and is now available in North America through Pioneering Technology.

    Helps prevent stove-top cooking fires.

    Easy to install.

    Award-winning technology.

    UL listed.

    Compatible with most glass-top and electric ranges.

Learn more here.

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