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The Center Committees
The Center has formed several committees. “This organization needs to tap its vast cadre of talented and experienced members if it is to meet the challenges we all face today as we strive to provide a fire safe campus environment.” said Paul D. Martin, President.
Professional Development, Education & Events Committee

The purpose of the Professional Development, Education and Events Committee is to develop training programs, events, products and services that enhance the technical skills and professional knowledge of The Center's members. The committee’s primary responsibilities include: planning and implementing the annual Campus Fire Forum, Online Webinar Training, Professional Development Seminars (PDS) and other specialty training programs offered, or co-sponsored by The Center.  

This is a large committee with several sub-committees.  Following are the individual sub-committee missions.

Committee Members (PDEE.1)

Chair/Vice Chair
Janet Maupin, CCFS Vice President/University of Champaign, Chair
Neal Zipser, Kidde, Vice Chair



This committee will look at speakers for our annual Campus Fire Forum, typically held in the last quarter of the calendar year.  Their goals are to determine current topics, seek out speakers (educational, technical and motivational) and work with them to present at our Forum.  If you are interested in speaking at our Forum, please complete the "Call for Forum Speakers" request.

Justin Daniels, Chair
James Rainer, Co-Chair

Similar to the Speaker Committee, this committee will suggest educational and/or technology webinar speakers & topics.  They will also moderate upcoming webinars with The Center Headquarters personnel. If you are interested in presenting a webinar (or series of webinars), please complete the "Call for Webinar Presenters" request.  Note:  This is different from the call for Forum Speakers request.

Neal Zipser, Kidde, Chair


This sub-committee will promote “sharing” of knowledge from one campus to another.  For example - if there is something of interest on your campus - let us all know.  It can be a campus fire safety day, an interesting construction projects, a unique dorm room burn, special technology that solved a problem, Campus Fire Safety Month, etc.  We build a web area where you can share by telling us what you are doing on your campus.  This sub-committee would communicate with members, non-members and associates nationwide to a) encourage usage of this new online, interactive area, and b) promote events that seems to be useful.  To add an event or simply review this section go to "Events on My Campus".

Justin Daniels, Chair

The Product Development sub-committee will research, conceive, design, develop curriculum to bring to market the “products” of The Center ranging from printed materials, national and local training events, including the “Event in a Box” concept that colleges and universities can use.  We will also give assistance to schools in marketing and registering for these programs. 

David Taylor, Gettysburg, Chair

The Center for Campus Fire Safety has accounts with LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter.  This sub-committee would be asked to submit discussions to our social media groups, and also to encourage others to visit and join our groups.  This committee will also interact with The Center's Student Committee and our Off-Campus Fire and Life Safety

Neal Zipser, Kidde, Co-Chair
Michael J. Swain, Co-Chair (with Student Committee) 

Committee Members

Dave Taylor, Gettysburg College
Guy Swartwout, NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control
Jan Parker, NC State Fire Marshal’s Office
Jill Marcinick, Live Safe
John Gallo,  Stony Brook University
Lisa Korklan, Keltron
Greg Amyot, University at Albany
David P. Jetter, Miami Township Fire and EMS
Justin Daniels, University of Oklahoma
Edward Conlin, Lasell College
Jim Patton, Corvallis FD
John Walsh, Tufts University
Steve Nardi, RealView LLC
Jim Gibbs, Arizona State
Michael Perlmutter, Hofstra University
Christopher N. Reynolds, Loyola University Maryland
Ronnie Gilley, Arkansas State
Robert Harrision, University Of Kentucky Fire Marshal Office
William Hempstead, BS, Molloy College
Nathaniel Smith, Catholic University


Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is intended to serve and increase our membership base of high caliber fire and life safety professionals from colleges and universities as well as other who have an interest in campus fire safety. The Membership Committee also provides guidance regarding elements pertaining to membership and member benefits/services in the organization. It is comprised of members who are knowledgeable about best practices in the capacity-building field.
Committee Members (M.1)
Chair/Vice Chair
Alan Sactor, Chair, CCFS Board/University of Maryland
Jeff Pendley, Vice Chair, CCFS BOD/University of Southern California

Committee Members

Brian Weinstein, CookSafe
Michael Lowe, Delaware State Fire School
David Price, CSP, CFPS, Vanderbilt Environmental Health & Safety
Steve Doyle, Weill Cornell Medical College
Jim Gibbs, Arizona State

Anthony Yuen, CCFS BOD

Codes, Standards & Technical Research Committee
The Code, Standards and Technical Research Committee is charged with assessing and promoting proposals for changes in national model codes, industry and reference standards as they relate to college and university infrastructures. It also has responsibility for coordinating and facilitating the promotion of scientific research in the field of fire and life safety. The Committee works to provide guidance to the Board as it develops organizational positions on such matters. 
Committee Members (CSTRC.1)
Chair/Vice Chair
Alan Sactor, University of Maryland, Chair
Rick Wood, CFPS CBO FM, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Vice Chair
Richard Roberts, Honeywell, Vice Chair

Committee Members

Lawrence Labbe, GA Tech
Morgana Yahnke, Univ of CA, Davis
Rodger Reiswig, Tyco/SimplexGrinnell
Captain Scott Donovan, Winter Park Fire-Rescue Department
Christopher N. Reynolds, Loyola University Maryland
Dan Finnegan, SIEMENS
Tim Knisely, CCFS Director
James Tidwell, Tidwell Code Consulting
Jody Nolan, RIT
William Freer, NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control
Robert Schifiliti, R.P. Schifiliti Associates
Ron Farr, Underwriters Laboratories
Peter Harrod, Cosentini Associates
Wayne Moore, Hughes Associates
Jack MacNamara, Bosch
Leo DeBobes, Stoney Brook University Hospital
William Koffel, Koffel Associates Inc.
William Guffey, University of Maryland
Maria Marks, SIEMENS
Alicia Musselwhite, Mississippi State
Heather Roth, NY State OFPC

ICC Codes Work Group

Mission Statement

Richard Roberts, Honeywell, Chair

Lawrence Labbe, GA Tech
Captain Scott Donovan, Winter Park Fire-Rescue Department
Richard Wood, CFPS CBO FM, University of Massachusetts – Lowell
Dan Finnegan, SIEMENS
James Tidwell, Tidwell Code Consulting
Jody Nolan, RIT
William Freer, NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control
Leo DeBobes, Stonk Brook University Hospital
William Koffel, Koffel Associates Inc.
William Guffey, University of Maryland 
Maria Marks, SIEMENS


The External Affairs Committee
The External Affairs Committee is the liaison between The Center and external non-profit organizations and government entities.  Their mission includes outreach to The Center’s existing non-profit partners to continually work together to share useful fire and life safety expertise, including speaking engagements and exhibitions.  It is also to establish new relationships with other similar non-profit organizations in an effort to share expertise to enhance fire and life safety worldwide.

This committee also keeps abreast of government actions as they relate to proposed and new laws, rules, and regulations that are likely to impact fire and/or life safety at colleges and universities, primarily, but not limited to, the national level. The committee often participates in rule development, prepares comments and testimony, and otherwise works to influence rule-making. The committee helps members easily find relevant information on government regulations, as well as develop and provide other compliance assistance to higher education institutions.
Committee Members (GA.1)
Chair/Vice Chair
Thomas Hayden, Chair
Daniel P. Finnegan, SIEMENS, Vice-Chair

Committee Members
Kevin McSweeney, University of Delaware
Tim Knisely, State College, PA
Michael Perlmutter, Hofstra University
MaryAnn May, Auburn University
Brian Tarolli, Syracuse University

Robert Nute, Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue / Naugatuck Valley Community College
Diane Collins Eggerman, National Fire Sprinkler Association
John W. Fellers, Texas A&M
Madonna Calderoni, Drexel University 

Student Committee

The Center's Student Committee is consists of student volunteers from The University of New Haven Fire Science Club.  The Fire Science Club has been working with The Center's annual Campus Fire Forum and are "naturals" to kick-off the new Student Committee and to spread the fire and life safety message to students nationwide and even worldwide.  This team will also work with Michael J. Swain, Vice President of The Center for Campus Fire Safety.

The Student Committee will assist in developing criteria for new student memberships and will network with other students across the country, to create the fire and life safety "buzz"  in social media.  They will also help to guide The Center by submitting their ideas to develop training tools that reach the higher education community including parents, students and educators.  This new committee with help expand The Center’s outreach.  Additionally the committee will interact with several of our ongoing programs and committees such as: The Off-Campus Fire and Life Safety Alliance where we discuss fire safety issues and concerns in off-campus housing; our Passport to Fire Safety coalition of organizations dedicated to protecting exchange students leaving the United States on a study program or traveling to countries where fire safety is not necessarily as prevalent as it is in the United States; Our Campus Fire Safety Month activities and much more.

Student Committee Members (SC.1)

Committee Manager
Michael J. Swain, VP Center for Campus Fire Safety and Fire Safety Officer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Co-Chairs and Committee Members of The Center's Student Committee are all students of The University of New Haven (UNH) in Connecticut.  They also serve on the UNH Fire Science Club. The Student Committee is charged with spreading the fire safety message to other students worldwide. 

Dale Eriksen and Scott Wiercinski


Committee Members

  • Gregory Fasold
    ... Social Media Sub-Committee
  • Shelby Sattizahn
  • ... Social Media Sub-Committee
  • Kyle Reese Mellon
  • Tarren Horvath
  • Mike Wailgum