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Visit The Center for Campus Fire Safety on Fire Engineering Magazine!


The Center for Campus Fire Safety continues partnership with Fire Engineering Magazine since March 2010!


“I am excited and honored to announce this partnership with Fire Engineering,” said Paul D. Martin, President of the Center for Campus Fire Safety, “I have been an avid reader of Fire Engineering (FE) and practitioner of the lessons presented in its pages for more than 30 years. FE is truly a leader in the fire service education arena. ”

According to Chief Robert Halton, Editor-In-Chief, Fire Engineering and Education Director, for FDIC, “Fire Engineering is very proud to be partnering in the relentless efforts by The Center for Campus Fire Safety to increase the levels of awareness, protection and response capabilities in our nation’s centers for higher education. The protection of life and property through a balanced approach to total fire protection is paramount to the quality of life safety of every community and the college campus community is no different. These institutions contain our nation’s treasure, our children.  They forge the very metal which will craft our nation’s future.  Thus, they require our utmost attention and diligence in all matters related to their safety. Fire Engineering is devoted to supporting the educational efforts and outreach activities of the center. We dedicate ourselves to assist with and increase the awareness and availability of the good works already so well embodied by The Center”. 

“The Center for Campus Fire Safety believes that truly effective campus fire safety programs require a collaborative effort, and by working with America’s fire service – through this new partnership with Fire Engineering - we are taking another monumental step forward with our efforts to support the dedicated folks working tirelessly to ensure college and universities are safe from fire” said Martin “Keeping colleges safe is truly a Town-to-Gown relationship.”


The Center would also like to thank NFPA for their sponsorship over the years, and for their relentless efforts to contribute an article to our monthly newsletter, Campus Fire Safety e-NewZone.