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Jessica Tomczak

Jessica Tomczak is the Sales Manager at Denlar Fire Protection, LLC, a company with a niche product in the marketplace. Together they strive to make the world safer by preventing tragedy that can occur at the hands of a cooking fire. With a mission to spread awareness of the solution that Denlar offers, Jessica has been building relationships throughout the industry; including Distributors, Fire Marshalls, and Campus Officials to promote the effort. Jessica has recently begun offering a monthly training course covering Denlar’s various products and the product category as a whole in an effort to continue to spread awareness.

Prior to joining team Denlar Jessica attended Central Connecticut State University where she studied languages. She has held various customer service and sales positions mainly in the retail and food industries. Spending time around commercial kitchens, Jessica became aware and interested in the safety of people using them and accepted an opportunity to join Denlar as a sales assistant where she quickly immersed herself in the products Denlar offers, code regulation, service and sales. As sales manager she brings fresh ideas to the table and initiates positive changes while continuing to support our customer base.

Jessica and her husband have taken on the role of parenting with two young boys to keep them busy. In her spare time Jessica enjoys cooking and baking, going to the beach and reading. She loves doing small craft projects around the house and has recently developed a new found interest in the martial arts.


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