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Campus Fire Safety for Students



Campus Fire Safety for Students is an effort put forth by The Center to encourage all students to understand the importance of Fire Safety on and off-campus and in their everyday lives.  We accomplish this goal in several ways:

  • We have a student membership in The Center that allows students to participate in our programs, network with other students in our online website, and network with our industry associates, and fire safety professionals members.  
  • Provides students with job opportunity announcements from our members.
  • Provides students with fire safety tips.
  • Provides access to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

 We encourage parents and educators to spread the word to students.  Membership is annual and it's only $20. 

[ Learn about all membership  [ Become a Student Member


SHARE OUR SAFETY TIPS WITH YOUR FRIENDS:  Learn about our Share program

Campus Fire Safety Month Cooking Quiz & Sweepstakes

Our September 2016 Campus Fire Safety Month efforts reached over 3400 kids!  
Thanks to everyone that helped to spread the word and our partners: NFPA and Dominos Pizza

"What Kind of Cook are you in the Kitchen"

2 student were randomly selected and won a $500. gift card and 1 Fire Safety Educator that helped spread the word won a Dominos pizza party for 50 at his university.



“With more access to kitchens, students are making more meals or snacks using stoves and ovens, often for the first time and without proper training,” said Lorraine Carli, vice president of Outreach and Advocacy for NFPA. “The campaign encourages students living on- and off-campus to know the risks and the preventative actions that can save their lives.”

According to Michael J. Swain, president of The Center for Campus Fire Safety, encouraging students to share this information with their peers will send a strong fire safety message that will be remembered going forward. “With the beginning of the school year,” he says, “The Center continues its mission to make campuses and off-campus housing safer for students. We were pleased to see there were no student deaths in the 2015-2016 school year.”

 QUIZ Flyer (8.5 X 11) | QUIZ Poster (24 X 36)