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Webinar Schedule

Our Webinar Training Center is interactive!  Webinars are free to members and extended to non-members at a very reasonable cost.  In our Webinar Training Center you will see the schedule of upcoming webinars and you will be able to download handouts from previous webinars. 

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Most Webinars are ICC Preferred Provider Accredited.

Upcoming Webinars

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Want to present a webinar or series of webinars?
If you would like to be considered as a webinar speaker, simply click the [ Webinar Presenter link and submit your request online.   Our Webinar Training Committee will review your request and get back to you!

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If you are a Member, our webinars are free. 

Simply login in with your member credentials ( top right ) and the registration information (link) will appear directly underneath our webinar schedule.

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$75. per webinar.

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There are currently no upcoming events.

Additional Free Webinars

You are invited to attend the 2015 FCIA Webinar series at no cost.

An in-depth analysis of the DIIM of Firestopping ...This highly attended FREE Webinar series will highlight and offer in-depth analyzation on the various aspects of the DIIM of Firestopping: "D" - Design; "I" - Installation; "I" - Inspection; and "M" - Maintenance in monthly, comprehensive sessions. [ CLICK TO REGISTER