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Webinar Downloads

Video recordings of our webinars are available on demand for Members at no cost. You must be logged in as a member of The Center to view these webinars.  If you are not a member and interested in becoming one click here for details.

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NFPA 25 - Six Webinar Series

The NFPA Series of Webinars are not downloadable, but you are able to watch them.  Please follow the instructions below:

NFPA 25 Webinar Series (2014) Instructions:

In order to get the most out of this course, it is best to view the sections in the order they were presented. Later material often builds on earlier material, so the video links are presented in logical order. After you have viewed a video, click "I'm Done" to complete that video and get the link to the next video in the series. Once you have clicked "I'm Done" next to a video you will not be able to view that video again. If you are only interested in one or two videos, simply click "I'm Done" to bypass a particular video and move to the next. Problems or Questions:  978.961.0410 | SupportTeam@campusfiresafety.org