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The new Fire Safety Educators tool box includes posters, flyers and brief video that you and students can use to spread the Student Fire Safety Message on your campus. Pass out flyers during Campus Fire Safety Month; print Posters to get your messages across all year 'round; and post the student to student videos on your school's website.

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Posters are 18X24 inches. 

Kitchen Fire Safety
Student Checklist
Know what to do in a fire

Posters 24 X 36 inches

Kitchen Fire Safety
Student Checklist
Know what to do in a fire

If you need a specific size poster simply contact us.  Also, let us know how you're using these posters.  Email pictures for our website!

Off-Campus Housing Library of Articles
For Educators & Parents:  These articles contain helpful information about Off-Campus Housing.
Off-Campus Housing
 TitleCategory Created Date
Preparing for Move-InArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload8/5/2019
Have a Media Action PlanArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload6/13/2019
Spring is Near (2019)Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload3/29/2019
After Hours EmergenciesArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/27/2019
Escape Room Fire SafetyArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload1/23/2019
Residence Halls Without Sprinklers – How Many Are There?Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload9/28/2018
High Rise Fire Safety, Part 3 of 3Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload8/30/2018
Tradgey in TexasArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload7/30/2018
High Rise Safety (Emergency Guides) - Part 2 of 3Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload6/28/2018
High Rise Fire Safety - Part 1 of 3Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload5/31/2018
Careless Mistakes: Is there such a thing? Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload4/24/2018
What is the number for 9-1-1?Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/27/2018
How long will my alarms last, and what do all the beeps mean?Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload1/30/2018
End of the Semester / Calendar Year ChecklistsArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload12/22/2017
Stop the MadnessArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload10/30/2017
Move In - Fall 2017Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload8/31/2017
PrepTimeArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload7/31/2017
Trash Chute Fire PreventionArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload6/29/2017
The Hooka LoungeArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload5/26/2017
New Construction Features: A system of systemsArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload3/29/2017
Fraternity party hazardsArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/27/2017
Housing ComplaintsArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload1/23/2017
Bed Bugs - Extermination HazardsArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload12/12/2016
The Witching HourArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload10/5/2016
If It's Predictable - It's PreventableArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload8/25/2016
Unwanted Alarms RevisitedArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload7/13/2016
Wishful thinking? Or, maybe some will want to ‘comply’Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload6/17/2016
20 Years of Victims: and the battle goes onArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload5/20/2016
Mom and Dad - Pay AttentionArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload3/31/2016
A Powerful Example for Requiring Residential SprinklersArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/29/2016
Fire Extinguishers, A Training Tool for the OCFLSAArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload1/25/2016
Off-Campus Grease FiresArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload12/14/2015
Forum Wrap upArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload11/12/2015
More on EvacuationArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload9/28/2015
Changing HatsArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload8/27/2015
Move In Guide for Off-Campus HousingArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload7/29/2015
Fire Safety ResourcesArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload6/25/2015
Elected Officials must be willing to impose changeArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload5/28/2015
Student Created HolidaysArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload4/28/2015
Cooking 101Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload3/30/2015
Winter Safety TipsArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/24/2015
Heating SystemsArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload1/29/2015
Preparing for a New YearArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload12/17/2014
Haloween SafetyArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload10/28/2014
Off-Campus Housing, Because noone plans to have a fireArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload9/29/2014
Do I need renters insurance?Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload8/27/2014
False/Unwanted Alarms (Part 3)Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload7/29/2014
Shadow Campus, Boston and BeyondArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload6/26/2014
False or Unwanted Alarms: Smoke Detectors & Sequence of Operation (Part 2)Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload5/28/2014
False or Unwanted Alarms: Manual Fire Alarm Boxes (Part 1)Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload4/27/2014
The basics of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide AlarmsArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload3/23/2014
When finding the “PERFECT” house: When does the search begin?Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/23/2014
Sprinklers and Greek Housing: Part 2 (Fraternaties)Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/17/2014
Sprinklers and Greek Housing (Part 1 of Two)Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/17/2014
Winter Fire Prevention Messages Off-CampusArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/17/2014
Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment…Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/17/2014
Preparing for Move-inArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/17/2014
Off-Campus Housing: Because No One Plans to Have a Fire!Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/17/2014
Off-Campus Housing RisksArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/17/2014
Frat Activity = Fire Dept ActivityArticle, Off-Campus HousingDownload2/17/2014
What is Off-Campus Housing?Article, Off-Campus HousingDownload1/21/2014
Frostburg, Maryland: One Dead in House Fire, Two InjuredFire FatalityDownload2/16/2014
Fire Safety (or lack of?) in Off-Campus Housing: Fraternity HousesStudent Point of ViewDownload2/17/2014
Meet Shawn and Alvaro ... 

They are Seton Hall burn survivors.  We are pleased to have them as lifetime members of The Center for Campus Fire Safety.  Shawn and Al have will share their experience in your community - they are valuable resource and we encourage you to learn more about these two brave men, and consider having them speak at your university. 


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