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Speaker Info

If you want to speak in New Jersey for 2020, let us know.  

Simply complete the info below for consideration.

  • Your presentation day would be for one-hour.  If you need more time let us know.  
  • You do not have to provide a presentation at this time, just the bio and abstract below. 
  • If you have given this presentation before, please advise when and where it was given.
  • Our Forum will feature several general sessions and breakout sessions.  Breakout session will fall into the categories of either: Community-Resident On & Off Campus or Tech & Technology.
  • If you are chosen to present, The Center will provide you with one free full-conference registration.  This includes all educational sessions, conference meals and reception (s) for one person.  Should you wish to involve other speakers in your presentation, please understand that they would be required to pay the conference registration to cover the food cost.
  • If you are a member you are also welcome to attend our annual meeting and member luncheon during the week..  
Speaker Registration Form