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Tom Hayden and John Newcomer

Chief Tom Hayden is the Division Chief/ Fire Marshal-BWI Airport Fire/Rescue Department.  He has over 35 years in public safety primarily in the fire service and emergency management. He was previously the Fire Marshal for George Washington University in Washington DC where he was instrumental in developing the “Passport to Fire Safety” program. He held previous positions with the Prince Georges County Fire/EMS Department and DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency. He also provides facilitator/evaluator services as a consultant for Ascenttra LLC and has assisted in exercises at higher education institutions across the country. Chief Hayden has a Master’s Degree in Safety and Security from The George Washington University and a Bachelors degree in Fire Science from the University of Maryland. He has participated in numerous disaster responses including New York City after 9/11 and Hancock Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina  

Mr. John Newcomer is the Senior Homeland Security Analyst-Ascenttra LLC.  He designs, develops and executes training and exercise projects throughout the United States to meet Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program recommendations and other state and federal standards.  He has served as the project manager for dozens of exercises for the private and public sector exercises at all levels of government, including the higher education community. He has also served as the course manager and administrator for multiple Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program courses. Additionally he has been involved in evaluating and revising policies, plans, and procedures for numerous private and public sector agencies to ensure that they were applicable to an all-hazards environment.

Mr. Newcomer also brings an extensive operational knowledge of the first response community.  He has been an active emergency responder in Indiana for over 25 years, and currently works as an emergency medical technician and law enforcement officer.  Mr. Newcomer has served as a university fire and building inspector, firefighter, state search and rescue coordinator, deputy coroner, fire and arson investigator, and a child welfare and abuse investigator.  He holds several fire and emergency services certifications and is a state certified instructor for multiple topics.

Division Chief and Senior Homeland Security Analys  |  Ascenttra Inc.

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