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William J Burrus P.E. and Gilead R. Ziemba

Speaker No. 1 – Mr. Gilead R. Ziemba, PE


Gilead R. Ziemba, a resident of Spring Branch, TX, is a licensed engineer (Fire Protection Branch) in three states with a passion for life-safety and fire protection systems design.  He has twelve years’ experience in design, consulting, and code enforcement for all types of fire suppression, extinguishing, alarm, detection, and smoke management systems as well as building, fire, and life-safety code analysis for the application of NFPA, ICC, DoD, GSA, DECA, VA, and FM Global codes, standards, and regulations.  Gilead has significant experience working within diverse sectors, including projects within continuously occupied facilities.  Gilead specializes in complex projects with a high demand for proper planning, integration, and stakeholder input. 



Speaker No. 2 – Mr. William J. Burrus, PE


William J. Burrus is a licensed Fire Protection Engineer with over 25 years of experience in fire protection engineering (design and construction administration (CA)), consultation related to building and life safety codes, and code enforcement for: egress; fire suppression and extinguishing; fire alarm and detection; smoke management; and construction systems.  William has significant experience working with both new construction and renovations related to higher education and healthcare sectors, warehouses, mercantile and business facilities, historic structures, and occupied buildings.  As a Fire Protection Engineer, William’s work includes the development and presentation of equivalencies, code interpretations, sprinkler design, fire alarm design, review of construction plans, evaluation and analysis of existing building life safety and fire protection features, fire testing, and computer modeling.  

Senior Fire Protection Engineer  |  FIRE PROTECTION CONSULTING GROUP, LLC (FPCG)

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