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Campus Fire Safety for Students
The Center's Student Committee bring Fire Safety Message to Students

The Center's Student Committee is consists of student volunteers from The University of New Haven Fire Science Club.  The Fire Science Club has been working with The Center's annual Campus Fire Forum and are "naturals" to kick-off the new Student Committee and to spread the fire and life safety message to students nationwide and even worldwide.  This team will also work with Michael J. Swain, Vice President of The Center for Campus Fire Safety.

The Student Committee will assist in developing criteria for new student memberships and will network with other students across the country, to create the fire and life safety "buzz"  in social media.  They will also help to guide The Center by submitting their ideas to develop training tools that reach the higher education community including parents, students and educators.  This new committee with help expand The Center’s outreach.  Additionally the committee will interact with several of our ongoing programs and committees such as: The Off-Campus Fire and Life Safety Alliance where we discuss fire safety issues and concerns in off-campus housing; our Passport to Fire Safety coalition of organizations dedicated to protecting exchange students leaving the United States on a study program or traveling to countries where fire safety is not necessarily as prevalent as it is in the United States; Our Campus Fire Safety Month activities and much more.

Student Committee Members (SC.1)

Committee Manager
Michael J. Swain, VP Center for Campus Fire Safety and Fire Safety Officer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Co-Chairs and Committee Members of The Center's Student Committee are all students of The University of New Haven (UNH) in Connecticut.  They also serve on the UNH Fire Science Club. The Student Committee is charged with spreading the fire safety message to other students worldwide. 

Dale Eriksen and Scott Wiercinski


Committee Members

  • Gregory Fasold
    ... Social Media Sub-Committee
  • Shelby Sattizahn
  • ... Social Media Sub-Committee
  • Kyle Reese Mellon
  • Tarren Horvath
  • Mike Wailgum
Student Committee Photos

Michael J. Swain, Chair

 Dale Eriksen, Co-Chair

  Scott Wiercinski, Co-Chair 
Teaming with NFPA

We all know the importance of fire prevention; it is something that fire safety educators and fire officials think about daily.  But what about today’s youth?  Are we reaching them?

With that question in mind, The Center for Campus Fire Safety is pleased to announce “Campus Fire Safety for Students,” a collaborative campaign that actively works to raise fire and life safety awareness among college students nationwide. The initiative is being spearheaded by the University of New Haven’s Fire Science Club, with active support from The Center and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). 

The Center has been working with the University of New Haven’s Fire Science Club for several years and more recently formed The Center’s Student Committee with student co-chairs and members.

“We believe the “Student to Student” approach, combined with our existing efforts to provide training and tools to fire safety educators and campus fire officials, will help to expand The Center’s programs to effectively reach the younger audience”, said President Paul D. Martin.  “Club members have always been great to work with.  They are professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and very anxious to begin their careers in fire and life safety.  In fact, over the years several students have made career connections from assisting The Center at our annual Campus Fire Forum” said Martin.

As this effort grows, The Center hopes to add additional student members to team.

Meanwhile, NFPA is no stranger to raising fire safety awareness and providing resources to the public from their Learn Not to Burn programs and Sparky the Fire Dog®, which target young children, to their Remembering When program for older adults.  Their technical, educational and marketing expertise will be extremely helpful as we work to launch this program.

“Young adults, many of whom are living away from home for the first time, are suddenly participating in activities that pose fire risks, whether they live on- or off-campus,” said Lorraine Carli, NFPA’s vice president for Outreach and Advocacy. “By working with The Center and the University of New Haven’s Fire Science Club, we can collaboratively encourage and empower students to actively get involved in fire safety, with the ultimate goal of reducing campus fire deaths across the nation.”

Left to Right: Cathy Tabor, Michael J. Swain (The Center), Kyle Mellon, Michael Wailgum, Greg Fasold, Nick Demko, Scott Wiercinski, Tarren Horvath (Fire Science Club), Lorraine Carli (NFPA) and Paul D. Martin (The Center)Photo: